Mercedes Benz Takeover!!

I went out on a 5 day camping trip in my vintage G-Class truck. Started in Santa Monica, drove to Joshua Tree, took an off-road trail to Big Bear, surfed in Malibu, then headed up the coast to Pismo Beach.

I documented the whole trip (ooobbbviiii) and Mercedes Benz wrote an article on the trip and on December 19th I did a take over on their instagram!

Below is the full vlog, a few pictures from their feed and a link to the original article. I am so stoked to share this trip and my adventures with you and having a company like Mercedes give me a platform to share!!

And here is the link to the article

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I was fortunate enough to be a guest on an awesome podcast called Mama, We Made It! About creatives finding their way and talking about what has led them on their journey to “making it”

Anoush and Joe (the hosts) we’re so awesome to talk to, and I’m really happy and proud of the story that came out of it.

I share a lot about my upbringing, what brought me to LA, being bi-racial, a skateboarder, b-boy and certain things that have shaped my life. A lot of things in this podcast I don’t talk about too often, so even if you are a close friend you likely will hear something I’ve never said to you before and if you’re brand new you’ll definitely get to know me well by the end of it!

Below is the lovely description they wrote at the link is at the bottom! If you listen, I would love to know what you thought so hit me up on Instagram (I only say that cause I’m the most active on there!)

“Be nice, and be good to work with.” From a small corner of Richmond, Vancouver, Cole grew up among the outdoors, charged with creativity and adventure. He came from a supportive family, where his mother instilled trust that he’d always make the right decision. Being biracial, Chinese and white, Cole struggled with feeling alienated. But as he got older, he embraced both his cultures as it gave him a greater ability to connect with others. Cole expressed himself through breakdancing, and skateboarding; two art forms that require relentless dedication and drive. But it was skateboarding that made him realize he could do something different and find success at it. As he continued to excel, with sponsorships and acclaim, he suddenly faced a tragic moment that completely flipped his world upside down. And from there, everything stopped as he was faced with a choice; to live his life upset and angry, or use this moment for good. Entering college, with a blank canvas, Cole was drawn to a new found love in film. Enamored with how movies made him feel, and obsessed with understanding how they affected people, Cole realized this new passion could be a career, and decided to go all-in. With dreams of becoming a filmmaker, LA was his next and only stop…except after visa problems, border patrol, and being stranded in the middle of the California desert…but when we want something bad enough, we do whatever it takes to get it. So before we tell you about working with Miley, P!nk, Katy, and Britney, and before becoming one of the most trusted and sought out directors in LA, Cole only had work ethic, a dream, and 3 years to make it. This is about betting it all on yourself, staying focused, and asking “what am I doing to stand out?” Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Cole Walliser. #MamaWeMadeIt Connect! IG: @colione @mamawemadeit @anoushmoin @getrauschy

Listen to Podcast HERE!!

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Dacor Kitchen

Over the summer I directed a fun digital content piece for Decor Kitchen. They might high end kitchen appliances, so we had a ton of beautiful models and kitchen explosions. Have a look here!

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24hrs To See Everything In Bali

I tried to see everything I could in Bali in 24 hrs. It was both tiring and amazing, and I filmed it for you all to see!!

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BLOG#3 – Bali Surf Trip

I just got back from a few weeks in Indonesia and Vietnam! The first week I spent surfing in Uluwatu and here’s my vlog from that week!! I have 4 more vlogs from this trip coming, as well I’m heading to Italy today for more adventures!

But check out the surf vlog and let me know what you think!!

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Directed a Channing Tatum Promo

Hey Everyone!

I directed a promo for Channing Tatum new TV show called Comrade Detective. The promo wraps the trailer and gives it context and Amazon/A24 decided to release it as the main trailer!

I also vlogged this entire day, so that’s coming soon too!

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What’s up! So here’s the deal. Finna be a vlogger. I just love making content, I love doing cool things, and since I’m Canadian I love sharing. So I’m combining all of those things and starting to VLOG. This is the first of many. I have two more I’ve already shot, and editing now, and shooting a bunch more coming up, so head over to my YouTube and subscribe and check the first one out here!

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What’s My Name – Latest Music Video from Disney’s Descendants 2

Hey Everyone!

Super excited to release the latest music video I directed! It’s the second single from Disney’s Descendants 2 called What’s My Name featuring China McClain, Thomas Doherty and Dylan Playfair.

This one was tons of fun and I had a blast working with my good friend Tony Testa who was the choreographer for the film! Check it out below. I’d love to know what you think so hit me up on my Instagram and let me know!!

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Magic Mike Live / Cosmo Videos

So I’ve been out in Las Vegas a ton shooting for Magic Mike Live and Cosmo just released a couple of the videos!

I don’t think you can embed Facebook videos (any help?) so here are some links!

Cosmo Layout Shoot

Rehearsal BTS

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Descendants 2 Ways To Be Wicked Dance Tutorial

With over 20 million views on the last video I directed, I’m figuring some of those kids want to learn how to do the dance!

So here is a dance tutorial with one of the choreographers Louise Hradsky and Cameron Boyce!

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